The girls golf team makes an arrival.


A new addition to BHS had made its arrival. The school has officially started a girls’ golf team. 8th grader Peyton Wright is going to be participating on the team.


“I’m looking to making new friends on the team, going to state, and making goals to achieve going to state,” Wright said.


Many are excited that the school board made this a thing and that it is separate from the boys.


“I’m really glad that it’s not going to be like with the boys too because girls don’t hit the golf ball as far and it’s a different game. It just makes everything a lot easier in terms of competition courses and obstacles,” Wright said.


As you know golf competitions are much different than any kind of sport.


“So they can choose the number of people to go to each tournament and there’s a limit on how many players can go to the tournament, so tournaments are individual and some are scramble,” Wright said. 


So far there is a lot of unknown about the golf team, and information or descriptions have not been released yet about the courses. To join the team contact [email protected].