Seniors vs. Senior Citizens


Some Baldwin High School seniors spend their free time hanging out with friends, playing sports, video games, etc. Seniors Levi Lantis and Bridan Butell spend their spare time in a different way. These two students picked up playing bingo. A few times a month the friends travel to Ottawa, KS to play. 

“We play at the VFW in Ottawa,” Lantis said. “We started playing because we are always looking for something new to try.”

They soon realized even a dull activity like bingo can be made fun. 

“We started playing because we were bored and thought it would be fun,” Butell said. 

Butell and Lantis try to go a few times a month. 

“We only get to go a few times a month during the school year, but we try to go a lot more over the summer,” Butell said. 

Unfortunately Lantis hasn’t had the best success while playing but he still enjoys competing. 

“I’ve won a few times but not enough to make my money back,” Lantis said.

Fortunately Butell has had some better luck. 

“I have won a couple games and as of right now I’m positive about ten dollars,” Butell said.