Brittingham makes journey with Class of ‘23


Brant Brittingham first started as the BHS Principal four years ago. Brittingham has been with the senior class of ‘23 from their freshmen year watching this class grow and mature over their years. 

Q: How did you see the senior class maturing over the years?

A: “As always, you have groups come in as freshmen and for whatever reason especially the male students always come in a little more mature and so forth, you get to see them evolve in all aspects of life and you see that maturity and you just get to repeatedly have conversations and it is pretty cool to see the kids grow.”

Q: What’s it been like being with them for the past 4 years?

A: “I think about several students in particular but then, it’s symbolic of everybody and it’s just the growth and maturation, even in just the physical appearance. You have them, they come in as teens, pre-teens and then you have some of them that just again change dramatically basically in all aspects of life. The maturity there it’s cool, again having the conversations, building the relationships and so forth, building that trust among students. Obviously, that’s what I value.”

Q: What are some of your favorite memories with this class?

A: “Well, it’s funny because its almost likes at times you think about these students were in the building when we had the Covid year, So sometimes it’s almost like that becomes a blur in our educational careers and I think that for lack of better terms we ‘blacked out at times’ because  we all had to embrace that grind and just the grittiness of some of these kids. I think about starstruck and some of the athletic events and musicals and plays. I mean those always stand out because they list as such a strong emotional response, and graduation of course is always a big one.”

Q: How do you feel about how far the seniors have come through their high school years?

A: “I feel confident. We have a good group of staff in the building and so I think the things we are trying to do, the academic and also non-cognitive skills like perseverance and how we treat others and so forth. I think they’ve built those skill sets and that’s always the goal to have the ability to take those skills and then be successful post-secondary.”

Q: How do you think this senior class has made the school a better place?

A: “As these kids evolve, students become irreplaceable. What they bring in terms of creating a positive culture and climate for other kids like the incoming freshmen, they’re really responsible for setting the tone or changing it in the direction they want. So I think there’s a lot of kids that have had such a huge impact and it’s going to be tough replacing their leadership and the things that they do in the building.”