Seniors traveling the globe


Many Baldwin High School students enjoy traveling and exploring other countries. Seniors Marley McCune and Kate Welch were just a few students that traveled this year.  

Welch traveled to Turkey over the summer. 

“I loved Turkey. They had wonderful food, scenery, and people,” Welch said. “The open air markets were also incredible.” 

Welch has traveled to roughly 25 different countries, most in Europe, and Central America but also one in Africa and Asia. Her parents teach at a study abroad program, allowing her to travel a lot.

She also traveled to Germany this past summer.

 “I also loved Germany because I was able to spend time with Leonie, a former foreign exchange student, in her hometown which is such a vibrant and beautiful place.” Welch said. 

Marley McCune has also traveled a lot. Some of the countries she has been to include Ireland, England, Finland, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. McCune says her favorite place she has been is Vestmannaeyjar.

 “It is a group of Islands south of Iceland and only accessible by boat,” McCune said. “It is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, I don’t think I will ever see something as beautiful as these Islands.” 

McCune’s dad works for National Geographic so she gets the opportunity to travel along with him across Europe. 

“I have always loved seeing new places and new cultures, it has inspired me in so many different ways.