Exchange students fitting in to new environment


At BHS we have a small number of students who are from different parts of the world. They participate in so many activities and sports. Emma Rolland has had some experiences with some exchange students.

“I like it and it’s really cool that they’re getting to experience new things and cultures, as well as being really involved with it,” Rolland said.

Our exchange students seem to fit right in and make some friends.

“Last year I was friends with some and it felt like they were very involved and wanted to participate in everything.

Danisha Bedollavacquec last year was friends with one and helped her with translation.

“It can be really hard for them especially if there’s a language barrier,”  Bedollavacquec said.

There are a lot of activities and sports to attend a BHS and several exchange students have participated in these activities. These students have shown their participation very well in school.

“There are a lot of opportunities here, that other schools don’t do, like I remember the school that I used to go to didn’t have any sports, you have to do that outside of school. 

Exchange students create a big effect on diversity in BHS, it creates some change.