Music a passion for BHS senior


Amaia Boline, BHS Journalism

It’s rare for students to turn their hobbies into full blown careers. However, that’s the case for senior Micah Reynolds, who already has taken the first step into the music production scene.

Many students find their hobbies at a young age.

“I started out drawing and art, and all media has attracted me, music is just what I ended up in,” senior Micah Reynolds said.

Reynolds has been creating music for sometime now. Already having a platform of songs and albums to his name.

“All the albums and projects I’ve released, I would consider them very big just because of the amount of time they took me,” Reynolds said.

However, some are closer to his heart than others.

“The album I am working on right now is yet to be released. Hopefully it comes out late spring early summer.,” Reynolds said.

Not only does Reynold hold musical talent, he has been able to play several instruments.

“I play drums pretty well, bass, piano, and synthesizers. I am learning the guitar and I’m pretty good at the Uke,” Reynolds said. 

Music is not Reynolds’ only talent, also taking several art classes in his time at BHS.

“Micah Reynolds is very creative and he is not afraid to get his hands messy. I like how he just dives into projects, sometimes he should practice a little more,” Art teacher Becky Weaver said, “He has a loose and free style that comes out very nice in his drawings and paintings.”

Renyolds has been interviewed several times. His music is truly inspiring and shows that anyone’s dreams can be true. Now with him graduating, Reynolds has stated he plans on going to college.

“Yes, I am going into KU, and right now environmental studies and one the side, I am learning Jazz studies,” Renyolds said.

He has even considered music as a career in his life. 

“I think it will be a lifetime career, I would love for it to become a lifetime career,” Reynolds said.