Neufeld builds flourishing business


Most seniors don’t choose business as a major or even a hobby but senior Karly Neufeld started her own business in 2018 called Faithful Designs and she has been selling costume handmade jewelry and accessories. 

“I started my business because multiple moms at my basketball games would ask my mom where she got her earrings and they would pay me to make them a pair so I created a business out of it,” Neufeld said

Very few people have a good time becoming successful in a small business but Karly does have some. 

“Some of my successes have been when Hayleigh Wempe passed and I did a fundraiser in her honor to keep her memory alive through custom jewelry and to raise health awareness and with the money I made I donated it to Bert Nash health organization in Lawrence,” Neufeld said

Even though Nuefeld has successes doesn’t mean that she hasn’t had any failures. 

“Some of my failures, I haven’t had many but the biggest one is probably going and having to pay to set up at a big event and not making the money back because I lose more money but it still a win and lose because you still expose you name out there and you get your business out there and I still consider that a positive thing even though I did lose money,” Neufeld said 

People who are starting their own business might have a hard time getting started and knowing what exactly to do. 

“Advice I would give to other entrepreneurs would be to make a plan and try your best to execute it,” Neufeld said. “I would make an executive summary and a business plan with financials, management, production, growth planning, and everything you are going to need. I would take those dreams and make them a reality.” 

Just because Karly is Karly doesn’t mean she can’t give herself any advice.  

“I would tell myself to keep chasing your dreams because I would not have envisioned myself owning a successful business at 14 years old but I did it,” Neufeld said. “So I think I’m going to keep chasing my dreams and to make Faithful Designs a lifelong career.”