BHS senior takes step into his future


For BHS senior Jaiden Michael, the role of student has turned into the role of teacher. During the second semester of his senior year, Michael has been working as a para-educator in the elementary classrooms in the BES-PC. He has found himself to enjoy working with these kids.

“I really enjoy giving back to the community in different ways,” Michael said. “Teaching has always interested me and I think this a good test run to see how I feel about it.”

After 12 years of education, and more to go, Michael found some inspiration for wanting to work with kids. He especially found a certain teacher who has inspired him. 

“Kit Harris definitely inspired me to start teaching, there have been other factors too but Kit has made such a big impact on me and I really want to leave my mark,” Michael said. 

Michael has always been interested in the education program as a career. He decided to make a job out of it to see what it’s like for himself. Michael involves himself with the kids when he can to make the most out of the experience as he can. 

“When I get to the main class around 10:15 the kids immediately go to their specials,” Michael said. “I walk with them and I try to involve myself in all their activities such as when we play basketball in the gym, play instruments in music, silently read in library, and color in art and it’s almost like I get to be a little kid again and I love it.”

To say this is just a job is an understatement to Michael. He has taken this job with the kids seriously and put himself out there while he can also do what he loves to do. 

“My favorite part about the school is getting to know the kids on a personal level and having a connection with these kids and to see their growth is amazing,” Michael said. 

Not only has being a para-educator been a fun experience to Michael, it has also been a learning one involving growth within himself. 

“I definitely learned some patience with these kids,” Michael said. “Patience is something that I’ve always worked on improving in my life and these kids really show me how to handle a loud or annoying situation at times.”