Butell thrives in debate, multiple activities at BHS


One of the BHS seniors graduating, Bridan Butell has been involved in many things throughout his high school career. One of the many things he has got involved in is debate. 

 “It really forced me out of my comfort zone and made me a more confident speaker,” Butell said. 

The coach for the debate team at Baldwin High School is David Stephens, an English teacher.

“The hardest thing about coaching debate is getting students interested in in-depth policy debate (this year’s topic was NATO),” Stephens said. 

Butell tried out new things because he didn’t want to leave high school and wished he had done something different. 

“I try to be so involved because I don’t want to look back one day and wish I would have tried something. It’s also given me a lot more opportunities,” Butell said. 

More things senior Butell is involved in is cross country, Culinary 3, Environmental Club, track, wrestling, and other clubs and extracurriculars. 

“I didn’t give too much thought into trying new things, I just signed up and then figured out my schedule around all my activities,” Butell said. 

For the debate team, Butell went 5-0 this year, placing 2nd at Bishop Miege. 

Stephens loves to coach for the debate team. 

“Even if the debaters aren’t always interested in the official debate topic, they do like discussing current events and debating other things, which is fun,” Stephens said. 

Butell’s plans for his upcoming future. 

“In college I plan to study Mechanical Engineering, I am also considering a fraternity and plan to join the running club to help stay in shape,” Butell said. 

Butell has been a big leader for many people throughout high school. 

“To anyone that wants to get more involved, I would just tell them to jump in and try something new that seems interesting,”Butell said.