ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Steinshouer thriving in big city


Maggie Steinshouer, BHS Journalism

From a small town in the Midwest, to a big city in the Northeast, BHS alumnus Ruth Steinshouer has adapted to an entirely new experience. She currently attends Boston College and studies environmental science. She is also on the Golden Eagles Dance Team.

Q : How many people live in Boston & how many people attend BC?

“In Boston, there are about 5 million people, which is more than the population of Kansas. This was, obviously, a really big change and something that took a while to get used to. Around 10,000 undergraduate students attend Boston College.”

Q : What was the most difficult thing to get used to in a big city like Boston? 

“For me, as someone from Baldwin, it was super weird to use public transportation. It is the cheapest option, for just $2.40 per ride—much cheaper than Uber, taxis, or owning a car, but sometimes it’s confusing. People are always willing to help, though, and once you understand the map everything makes perfect sense.”

Q : How has attending Boston College been challenging for you? 

The most difficult part at Boston College, and I think in college in general, is the amount of free time that you have. I only have 2 or 3 classes per day, so what should I do with all this extra time? I had to figure out how to balance class, homework and studying, and fun! It’s a completely different experience than high school in that way, but it allows you to be more independent and make your own daily schedule.”

Q : What is your favorite part of being in Boston? 

“My favorite thing about Boston is the ability to do random, but fun, things. There’s always something happening in big cities, so there’s always something fun to do. At BC specifically, I really enjoy being a part of the dance team.”

Q : Do people actually say “wicked” in Boston? 

“Yes! There is a different sort of dialect among people from the northeast. I had never heard someone say wicked, in that context, before. My favorite part about the Boston accent is the way they say words that end in an “r”. Common examples that I hear often are car, harbor, and chowder.”

Q : What are some good parts and bad parts of going to school in the Northeast?

“It’s really cool to see the difference in culture up there—they have less space, so they’re creative with how they use it. I also really love the history that surrounds the Northeast. In Boston, they have lots of cool museums and historical places. I would warn anybody thinking of going to school up North that it gets dark at 4 PM in December, which is not super fun. Otherwise, the winters are actually colder here in Kansas.”