Humans of BHS: Isaac Taylor


“The place I would want to be  would most likely be Germany.  I want to go because Mats talks about how Americans are bad and I want to see what it’s like not to be American.The program I am trying to go with only goes to Germany, but does not require years of a foreign language, and it’s a lot cheaper than most of the other options. I’m not sure if I’ve made the cut from the program yet but I should know around February or March. I would leave in August and be back in June and it would be a full year exchange. I’m most excited to see more of Europe if I go. I would love to meet up with Mats and other exchange students I have met. I will also be going into the blind going in since I don’t know German but there is a language camp that I would go to learn. I would probably end up in an English class over in Germany, But the rest of my classes will be hard since I don’t know German but I’m up for the challenge.”