ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Haeffner returns to BHS


2005 graduate Kelli Haeffner returning to her roots and making an impact as the new assistant principal at BHS. After graduating from BHS she attended college at MidAmerica Nazarene and was on the cheer squad. After earning her education degree, she taught for a few years before becoming an administrator. 

Q: What were your favorite memories from when you went to school in Baldwin?

A: I was definitely social. Back in the day everyone would sit in between the lockers before school and I would go through every section to say hi to everyone before school started. Games and cheerleading was my jam. It was always fun having school spirit.

Q: What is it like teaching at the school you used to go to?

A: It’s awesome being able to come back and make an impact on a place that made an impact on me.

Q: Is it strange that you get to work with people that used to be your teacher?

A: At first it was a little different but I’ve always respected them and now I get to see what they do for kids from a different perspective.

Q: What made you decide to come back and work here?

A: I’ve always wanted to come back and make a positive impact. I’ve had opportunities to help other schools but my family is here and I plan on making their schools a better place for the future.

Q: What other schools have you worked at?

A: Mill Valley High School, all secondary schools in Blue Valley, and Lakewood and Harmony Middle Schools.