ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT; Czech exchange student pursues academic goals


Former BHS foreign exchange student Daniela Kozacova was in the graduating class of 2021. She has since gone back home to Czechoslovakia to continue to further her education and find out what she wants to do in life.

“Nowadays I’m into a lot of things as usual but my main focus is on studying, not just studying to get a degree or have some kind of knowledge but studying or even finding what I truly like to do in my life, where’s my values and what is important to me in my life,” Kozacova said. “I study at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, which is the biggest university in the Czech Republic. I’m at the economics faculty, studying the program called Business Administration.” 

Attending a school in a different country allows foreign exchange students to experience a new social environment and different cultures.

“I have no words to express how big of an impact that was on me. I’ve said it a million times and say it again. That was the greatest experience of my life. The best decision I’ve ever made,” Kozacova said.

When going home foreign exchange students leave many new friends and memories behind. Most foreign exchange students eventually come back to the country and reconnect with their friends.

“If I could, I’d buy my plane ticket right now and go to the US. I’d love to go to the states anytime. If we are talking about a kind of long term return I’m saying yes as well. But I know that it will take me some time, probably a couple years,” Kozacova said. “I follow a lot of my friends on social media so I can see what’s new in their lives. I text with Alyssa, Emma and a few others. But even though I can’t talk to many of them frequently, I know that If I see them, I’d have a good time.”

When in a different country there are many new sports or classes foreign exchange students can do that otherwise wouldn’t be available in their home country.

“With all honesty, I loved wrestling the most. Not just because of the sport but because of the people around. The toughest and kindest people I’ve ever met. I loved it and created such amazing memories and relationships. It made me better in many ways,” Kozacova said.