Alumnus of 2022 Riley Smith did everything at BHS, from sports to academics, to clubs, to the musical, Smith was almost involved in everything. Smith brought that to Ottawa University where she is currently on the women’s soccer team and participates in their music program.

Q: What are your best memories at BHS?

A: “My best memories of Baldwin High are the memories that were spent all together. Whether it was random nights at the high school or having a bonfire at the backside of the lake or school dances, the times where everyone was having the times of our lives as a group were my favorites.”

Q: What made BHS great?

A: “I think what makes BHS great is the community of students, staff, and parents that strive so hard to make Baldwin the best school it can be. No matter the age or walk of life, everyone shows a lot of pride for Baldwin High School and wants and expects it to be the best place that we can make it, based on the effort that we put into it.”

Q: Do you still keep in touch with all of your friends?

A: “I keep in touch with a lot of my friends from high school. I was really lucky to make a lot of lifelong friendships in high school and that’s something that can’t be looked past even though we are moving on to different phases of our lives. Our friendships that we make in high school are the friendships that make us into adults. I try really hard to treasure and value those friendships as much as I possibly can.”

Q: Are you enjoying playing soccer in Ottawa?

A: “I love playing soccer in Ottawa. I was really lucky to go to Baldwin High School because all the coaches and teachers really do an excellent job of preparing us to be students and athletes as we move into the next phase of our lives, so I really felt prepared going into college and playing a sport. I love how competitive and high-level it is and I really feel like OU is a great fit for me. I love my team and I love the coaching staff so I’m really excited to keep playing over the next four years and continue to grow as an athlete.”

Q: Do you miss the BHS soccer team?

A: “I do miss the Baldwin soccer team. I’ve played with a lot of girls on the high school team since I was old enough to walk and I’ve watched most of them grow up and play soccer with each other so it was really bittersweet to not be able to play with them anymore, but I’m so excited to watch them have a great season this upcoming spring and will be their number one cheerleader.”

Q: Is college soccer different from high school soccer?

A: “College soccer is a little bit different than high school soccer just because it’s high school and in high school people do things because that’s the opportunity to try new hobbies, and in college that’s kind of different in that sense, but at Baldwin the expectations are so high in a great way that it really prepares you for the next level and that was something I was really lucky to experience going into college.”