ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Johnson returns to roots


BJHS English teacher Sarah Johnson graduated from BHS in 2009 and is now giving back to the community. Johnson is a wrestling coach, softball coach and used to coach BJHS cheer team, while also sponsoring the BJHS student council and yearbook. 

“Every day is different,” Johnson said. “I walk in and can clear the day I had. I know the kids are there, want to be there, and will walk in ready to work.”

Johnson has been involved in the community of Baldwin since she was 5 years old after moving from Wichita. When considering what she wanted for her future she knew she wanted to stay close to home. Johnson went to Emporia State for college then moved back to Lawrence after graduating. She just moved back to Baldwin this summer.

“I was a very good student,” she said. “I knew I wanted to be a teacher, so I tried to learn a lot from the ones I had. I was involved in a number of activities and tried to do as much as I could.”

While being a good student, she was making a lot of memories that she won’t forget. Johnson is currently an assistant coach for Kit Harris on the BHS wrestling team. When Johnson attended high school, she was also a manager for Harris’s wrestling team too. 

“I never got to wrestle in high school myself, but I was a wrestling manager for Coach Harris,” she said. “One year he had me choreograph a ‘routine’ for the wrestlers to dance with the cheerleaders. This was during a halftime basketball game. It was pretty awesome with lots and lots of laughs, something I’ll never forget.” 

What she has done around the community and the school district is shown by all the hard work she put in throughout the years. Johnson has given back by teaching how her teacher she looked up to did for her. She is passionate about her job and has been a leader in Baldwin.