Humans Of BHS: Hugo Santo


Caddian Rider , BHS Journalism

“Baldwin is a small city so it’s very different. If you’ve ever been to a big city in Brazil, most big cities are the same. I like Baldwin because it’s unique. A Lot of stuff is different honestly, I would say their school seasons are the biggest difference. You actually stay in school the whole day here. In Brazil it was just seven to noon. I didn’t move, I’m just here for 1 year. I came for the opportunity because I got a huge scholarship to come here. Brazil is like my home so it’s hard to compare but, My family has a really good cooking tradition so I’m always gonna say that’s better. The Baldwin food is not bad at all. Like for three dollars it’s pretty good. Like today for example there was a burrito and that’s pretty good for three dollars and there’s also like the whole side dishes and stuff.We didn’t have school food in Brazil so we just go back home and eat there. We’re only in school for five hours, but we also don’t have any electives, we just have our core classes. Everything else is out of school, like English since English isn’t my main language and sports are out of school too. We just go home and eat lunch. I’m here and then I’m going to KU. After I get a good scholarship I’ll come back but if not then I don’t really have a reason to come back.”