Humans of BHS: Ryker Grossner


Bryis Alford, BHS Journalism

“I lived in London for about 2 years from when I was 13 to about 15 years old. Living in London was very different. I went over there when Covid was happening, so it was a whole new experience for me especially at a young age. I definitely enjoyed when I was there I quickly joined football and basketball teams and that’s kind of where I had my fun at. When I first got there my parents were working, my dad was a football coach so that’s the reason we went there, but when I was there we were just in London and lived there. I did not take school in London so that is why I am a junior currently. I lived in Baldwin for 13 years before I moved to London. I wouldn’t be back here if I didn’t like it because my parents are still in London, but Baldwin is a pretty cool place. The people there are really nice and you won’t find that here in Kansas, but definitely the people, living, culture, and driving on the other side of the road in London are the biggest difference between Baldwin and London.”