Humans of BHS: Rylee Bentley


Trista Martin, BHS Journalism

“When I was 2 years old my grandma thought I should play the piano. She thought I had the hands for it. My grandma started her own business called Merrie Nan Melodies. It is to help beginner students learn the piano. From the age of two through nine we would write our own songs together for fun. When I was 7 I started reading music and learning how to play actual songs. When I reached the age of nine she decided that I was getting too far ahead of her and that she couldn’t teach me anymore, so my grandma texted one of her friends who helps her with Merrie Nan Melodies. She asked if I could start taking lessons from her and at first it was just for a couple of weeks. One concert I had she came up to me and told me she would love for me to be one of her actual students. Ever since I have been going to lessons once a week for an hour at her house. I have festivals and concerts throughout the whole year. I have gotten to play songs with Baker, KU, Washburn and other music professors. I have gotten top ratings and scores on most of my pieces I have played for judges. I hope to play with them in the future and I am not sure if I want it to be a part of my career. I hope to do it all throughout high school. I usually only stay in Kansas for the recitals but I’ve gone to Missouri before.”