Humans of BHS: Max Harvey


Asher Englert, BHS Journalism

“My older sister Isabelle Harvey, has really always had a horse since we moved to Kansas so I’ve kinda been around them for some time now. I’ve always found them interesting and wanted to do stuff with horses. I was just looking around in one of our barns and I saw a rope just laying on the ground in the corner and so I picked it up and I just started swinging the rope. I kinda just taught myself and seeing videos. I started going to some clinics and one of the clinics the guy said that he has a horse that he was wanting to sell so I got interested into this horse. So I talked so some people about this horse and they said it was a great horse and I should buy it so I talked to my parents and they said go for it so we went out there and checked him out and we bought him. It’s going really well I’ve won a buckle off of him I’m playing on doing a lot more rodeos this year and clinics. The events I do is team roping heading and working on heeling and starting to do tie down.”