Humans of BHS: Kayden Riley


“My grandma got me into art, she loved painting and she did it in her pastime. I used to always watch her as a kid, and then one time I finally painted with her. She walked me through everything and I fell in love with it. I loved the outcome and satisfaction of finally finishing a painting. I continued doing art all throughout middle school and then high school. This led to me going to multiple art competitions. Last year I got 2 metals and 3 ribbons for “Art Excellence”. It was so cool and such an amazing experience. I can’t wait to continue that same thrill this year. Speaking of which, there is another big art competition coming up in December. It’s going to be held in Kansas City and there were over 750 submissions but only 100 got in. Two of my pieces were accepted, my strawberries and my self portrait. There are going to be about 23 different school districts all over Kansas so to even be accepted is such an honor. With that being said I’m super excited to continue my art journey this year and see what the future holds.”