Humans of BHS: Bella Hadl


Rylee Bentley , BHS Journalism

“I have been doing pageants for two years. I got a letter in the mail saying she got nominated to compete in the National American Miss (NAM). I don’t know who nominated me in 2019. There’s a lot of different categories to do in the pageant. I chose Spokes model, Photo genetic, and  Actress. You can do up to six categories. Getting ready in the mornings and for every different event you do can be very hard but I and some other girls hired a makeup artist and hair artist  to help you get ready, I had to wake up very early, like 4 a.m. to get ready for an interview. The interview was to find out more about me and why I wanted to be the Kansas junior teen. I went to Columbus Missouri for my first pageant, and then I went to Branson for my most recent one. I was a national qualifier to the all American Miss National pageant in all of my categories to go to Tampa Florida In November. I will not be attending that one in November 2022, I feel I am not ready to compete at that high of a level as this is only my 2nd year competing. I will be competing in the 2023 competition and hope to win the national title as the Kansas National American Miss winner.”