BHS Human: Morgan Burns

Asher Englert, BHS Journalism


“I chose the Air Force because I wanted to be in the weather career field. At the time my husband was already in the Air National Guard. I was convinced to join and so I enlisted in the military in 2009. I left for basic training in January of 2010. I remember it was the first time being away from my family and as soon as I stepped off the bus, the military training instructors (MTI’s) screamed at us and it was total chaos. I have several funny stories but I definitely cannot share them haha. After a few months of strict/tough training I was sent to Keesler Air Force Base for my weather training. A year later I returned home and worked with my weather flight out of Topeka’s Air National Guard base. It wasn’t long after that, my husband and I got the opportunity to move to Florida. We transferred jobs and supported Florida during multiple hurricanes. While in Florida, we both became officers in our respective services (my husband ended up taking an officer position in the Army). Just over a year ago we moved back to Kansas and transferred once again to the Kansas guard. I served as the Commander of the weather flight for a year and as of Oct 31st of this year I have officially transitioned out of the military to pursue a new career in teaching. Being in the military has been a very rewarding opportunity despite all of our sacrifices we’ve had to make. It is because of our children and love of country that we served. Our children have never completely understood why we chose to serve in the military but someday when they are older.”