Humans of BHS: Caddian Rider


“I’ve always enjoyed being active. When I was in 3rd or 4th grade, in the summers I would wake up early in the morning and ride my bike down the dirt roads, like as my exercise. As I got a little older I would wake up early just to run on my dirt roads. That just went into my love for running. I actually grew about half a mile from my college coach so I always saw him running. I’m pretty self motivated, running was good for that because I would push myself really hard to try and beat my time from the race before, or even just run and try to be faster than the time before. I Liked it because no one else can control how you did, you were the only person like if you messed up it’s your fault. My motivation now has changed. I don’t just run to see how fast I can do it anymore, but it makes me feel good and keeps me in shape. I enjoy it. It’s like my time alone and a stress reliever.”