Mayor of Baldwin City building community doing what he loves


Rylee Bentley , BHS Journalism

The unique town of Baldwin City has a thriving community and strong leadership. It all starts with the mayor Casey Simoneau.

“My favorite part about being mayor is helping people,” Simoneau said. “I enjoy seeing how our town works together as a team trying to make this community a better place for all of us.”

Simoneau has been mayor of Baldwin City for 5 years now. 

Simineau does have a say for our school. He will talk to the school board and meet with the supper attendant. He can help with the educational improvements, but he can’t do everything.

“Baldwin just has a different vibe,” Simoneau said. “Having a smaller town with a university in it is just what some college people want. I think Baker has a bigger impact than what people think.”

Baker University is yet the oldest college in Kansas but also the very first four year college. It is known for its business, education, and nursing program.

“Nothing is easy in public service, especially being mayor isn’t easy,” Simoneau said. “If you are willing to work hard enough to achieve it, you will succeed.”

As mayor it can be super difficult to say yes and no to some of the topics or issues for this city.

“What does that one yes take away from, or what does that one no take away from,” Simoneua said.

“Keep your eye on the goal,” Simoneau said. “If the school and the city continue to work together, we will be able to thrive from that. We can continue building an atmosphere for the community all of us families want.”