Pittman ready to travel the world


Bailey Smith, BHS Journalism

Even though he is from the small town of Baldwin City, BHS senior Charles Pittman has had the opportunity to travel the world. Pittman went on a trip to Spain during the summer of 2021 and was presented with the opportunity to learn more about Spanish culture. 

“Other than becoming a more proficient Spanish speaker, I had the opportunity to envelop myself in another culture, which gave me a deeper understanding of the environment I was in,” Pittman said. 

“ I lived with both a woman from Colombia and Jorge Sotomayor’s family (an exchange student here during the 2019-2020 year), so I learned a lot about their respective histories from them. I also spent time with students from Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Poland, Luxembourg, Slovakia, The Chech Republic, and many other places, so I got to learn about how they live on a daily basis, and how they interact with the global community.” 

In addition, traveling abroad inspired Pittman’s plans for the future. He plans to attend college and dual major in International business and biology as well as minoring in Spanish. As an International business student, Pittman will spend an entire semester abroad, although he hopes to stay for longer than a semester.   

“While I was in Spain, the European Soccer Championship was being played,” Pittman said. 

“During the championship game (England vs. Italy), I was at a restaurant on the beach sharing paella with students from all around Europe. That environment was awesome to be a part of, and sharing it with people from so many different cultures was special.”

Pittman’s plans to continue to travel and will possibly pursue a job in the medical field after attending medical school. 

“Bucket list destinations for me include: Lima (Peru), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Mexico City, Berlin, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia),” Pittman said. 

Pittman discovered his love for traveling by taking the risk to travel abroad. Pittman recommends traveling for anyone interested because it allows you to learn about yourself. 

“If presented (with) the opportunity, take it. I was hesitant to go, both because of money and nerves, but it was the best decision I’ve made,” Pittman said.

 “ In addition to how much you learn about the world, it forces you to reflect and learn about yourself, as you are removed from everything you are familiar with.”