Landreth to explore art and education


Mars Dohle, BHS Journalism

Approximately 19,778, 000 students enrolled in college in the US in 2021. The number has been steadily declining over the past decade. BHS senior Jana Landreth will be part of this year’s enrollment census.

“I will be attending Baker University on a Cross Country/Art scholarship,” Landreth said.

Business majors are currently the most popular college majors in the US. However, Landreth is going in a different direction. 

“I will be majoring in elementary education and minoring in art education,” Landreth said

A nationwide shortage in teachers that developed over the past few years has been increasing. A survey conducted on behalf of the National Education Association shed light on why so many teachers are leaving the field sooner than they’d planned. According to the poll, 55% of public school teachers want to quit because of the crushing additional stresses brought on by the pandemic. Landreth will be part of the generation of teachers that helps to replace the burned out educators that have been carrying students through the pandemic.

During her time at BHS, Landreth was involved in many school activities. The one that would contribute the most to her future in art education would be her involvement with the Avant. The Avant is a magazine that gives BHS students an opportunity to show off their artwork; whether it be poems, paintings, drawings, photographs or pottery. 

I was the senior art editor in the avant,” Landreth said. “I edited and designed the pages along with the cover and the T-shirt.”

Landreth learned a lot in her time helping with the Avant. She enjoyed the opportunity to work with so much art.

“I definitely enjoyed being a part of the Avant,” Landreth said. “I learned a lot about different computer programs and have some great experience to take with me into the future.”

Landreth’s experience at BHS was very valuable to her future.