KSU recruits Taylor for rowing scholarship


Gunnar Reichard, BHS Journalism

Senior Emily Taylor has played sports through her high school career such as basketball and track. Although in college she decided to pursue a new sport, rowing.

“I liked the idea of beginning a new sport and continuing my athletic career,” Taylor said.

Getting to college for a sport is hard to do, you have to have to work hard and have the right mindset going into college sports.

“I have never rowed before,” Taylor said, “I was recruited based off of my athletic record and build.”

Being a freshman in college it may be hard to adjust and become a part of the team. You will have to allow room for improvement and learning.

“I hope to make the competition team by my sophomore year and compete across the country,” Taylor said.

A lot of high school athletes that go to college for sports worked hard in their high school sports and strived to be the best athletes in their field.

“She was a good thrower, and was all state as a junior,” BHS track coach Mike Spielman said.

To play a new sport in college can be a hard challenge, you have to find something about the sport that makes you want to play it and makes you want to work hard.

“My favorite part about rowing is how unique it is and the challenge it presents,” Taylor said.

Some college athletes continue playing their sport even after college either as a hobby or a job.

“I don’t know if I will continue rowing after college, I am basing it all on how it goes,” Taylor said.