Mozier leads the Environmental Club


Kenlee Miller, BHS Journalsim

Nina Mozier is a senior and has been in the Environmental Club ever since the beginning of her junior year which was the first year of the club. She was in charge of creating the social media accounts and making posts for the club. This year she was elected co-president along with fellow senior Ruth Steinshouer. They have done two plant sales this year, however, they have not been able to do everything they had planned.

“Earlier this year, we organized a community service day like we used to do with our seminars before COVID, unfortunately it was rained out,” Mozier said.

BHS teacher Katie Marten is on maternity leave so they were not able to reschedule. 

“Because of her absence, we did not have all the resources to do everything we originally planned, but next year there will be a lot more to look forward to,” Mozier said.

Mozier really enjoys the club and how everyone is included in ideas. 

“Being a part of the Environmental Club is a really great experience,” Mozier said. “Everyone collaborates on ideas and we all have a great time working together and coming up with ideas for things to do inside and outside the school.”

Her favorite thing that the club did this year was when they created a rap about recycling for the culinary classes.

“Kate Welch and Micah Reynolds wrote a rap together and filmed a music video about how to properly recycle and it was really fun to see everyone in the club participating in the music video,” Mozier said.