Jewelry business thriving for BHS junior


Ashlynn Steinmann, BHS Journalism

Teens are busy doing sports, school, and more, but for BHS junior Karly Nuefeld she does all of that and runs a business by herself. 

“On occasions, I am able to get my sisters’ to string a few beads onto necklaces for me or my mom will put earrings on earring cards,” Nuefeld said. “Other than that, everything is done by me.”

Ever since she was little, Nuefeld has loved to do crafts and other DIYs and with the leftovers she would try to make her own jewelry. 

“Ever since I was a little girl every summer my little sister Chloe and I would go to the craft store and pick up some embroidery floss to make friendship bracelets that are a trendy summer statement,” Nuefeld said. “I have always loved DIYS and duct tape crafts so I figured with the leftover embroidery floss from the past summer and many trial and error runs I could come up with the perfect recipe to make the same earrings Madeline’s roommate made.”

She started her business when her mom wore them and others were asking where she got them. 

“Eventually, I figured it out well enough to where my Mom would wear them to my basketball games and fellow moms would ask where she got them,” Nuefeld said. “That is when in February of 2019 I started Faithful Designs & it has taken off so far.”

Nuefeld makes many things such as jewelry, journals, key chains, graphic tees, stickers and more.

“I bought a ring from Faithful Designs and I loved it,” freshman Riley Peterson said. 

Nuefeld has many things she loves about her business but her favorite is meeting people and seeing how many people wear her jewelry and clothes. 

“I love going out in public and seeing a random person wearing Faithful Designs,” Nuefeld said. “I have such a large customer base now that I do not even know what my customers look like or who they are anymore.”