Humans Of BHS: Cayden Harmon


Lylah North, BHS Journalism

“I have always been in love with fishing but one day I decided to take it to the next level. I started doing tournaments and bought my own boat and it went off from there. I have my best friend and fishing partner Cooper Shannon that has been there beside me the whole way. We both got influenced by each other, we wanted to start doing tournaments and then we both just made each other better and better. We both spend insane amounts on our tackle, line, reels, rods, boats and everything else you can think of. We both plan on going to college for bass fishing and hope one day to go pro. We just got back from this weekend at Stockton and Pomme De Terre.  We were able to take 5th place out of around 100 other high schoolers. We are now sitting at 5th in the entire state. This is what I do and love and plan on doing for the rest of my life.”