New furry face at BHS

Jaden Wharton & Destiny Johnson , BHS Journalism

You might have seen a new furry friend around the school. This is Duke. He is 18-months old and Dhru Flory’s service dog. 

“It’s to help calm him, anxiety and for social interactions,” said Caroline Flory, who is not only Dhru’s para but also his sister. 

Duke is a standard poodle. Duke is also teaching Dhru responsibilities such as having to take care of him. Dhru has to take Duke to the bathroom, play fetch with him and feed him. 

“He forgets to feed him sometimes, but that’s partly because he’s not awake in the morning,” Caroline said.

Duke went to a trainer in Washington when he was eight weeks old. He was with that program for a year and a half before coming back. This dog is at work, this is why you can’t pet him. 

“The school has known about Dhru wanting a dog,” Caroline said. “Duke has gone through training and been to meetings. They have talked with us and about it to know it was coming. Dhru’s been very entertained with it, I think it’s been a good tool and it will continue to become a better tool for him to learn.”

Dhru decided to name him Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard because this is his favorite show. 

“He looks like a Bo Duke, he’s fluffy, he looks like a Bo Duke,” Dhru Flory said.