Showing pigs a way of life for Moore siblings


Mikayla Smith, BHS Journalism

Many students at Baldwin High School are involved in farming and 4H, but few are quite as dedicated as the Moore siblings.

“Raising pigs has shown me what hard work looks like and also has shown me if you want to be good at something you have to devote your time to it,” junior Garrison Moore said.

“Raising pigs has impacted my life because I have learned how to work hard and it has taught me responsibility,” freshman Allayna Moore said.

The Moore siblings commit a lot of time to caring for and raising their pigs.

“I get up at six in the morning and get the pigs out for a quick walk. At night is where most of the time is spent, it takes about two hours to do the whole process every night,” Garrison said.

Raising pigs is not a job for the faint of heart.

“My pigs get fed twice a day; morning and night, other daily tasks include walking, washing, and applying skin products,” Garrison said.

Showing pigs is a great way to get put and experience new things.

“The swine industry has given me the opportunity to travel and meet new people,” said Garrison.

“Being in the pig industry has given me the opportunity to travel and compete at a national level,” Allayna said.

You can really see how much hard work and dedication they put in when their livestock performs at the top of every competition,” senior Halley Flory said.