Busy Smith sisters do it all


The Smith sisters are so involved with not only BHS but the community as well. It’s hard to find two siblings that are as involved as them.

Riley Smith is involved in soccer, track, cross country, basketball, dance team, Concert Choir, Environmental Club, fall musical, A Capella,  Student Council, and Link at BHS. In the community she is involved in Baldwin First Methodist Church, choir and ambassador at Baldwin Academy of dance and Voice, and during the summer she works at the Baldwin City pool. 

Bailey Smith is involved in Student Council, Stand Up to Cancer, Mardi Gras, Environmental Club, Concert Choir, A Capella, Film Society, soccer, track, cross country and basketball. In the community she is involved in dance, choir and the Ambassadors group at Baldwin Academy of Dance and Voice.

They both do a really good job, they both work really hard,” cross country coach and math teacher Mike Spielman said. “It’s also really neat for them to be two sisters that do the same activities. They do a really good job at running together. They help each other out and the team. They are both really good leaders for the cross country team.”

Is it hard to be involved at BHS and in the community?

“It’s hard being involved in both because it can get a little hectic but it’s worth it. It all in the end is very rewarding. Seeing the community and how you improve it, makes it all worth it,” Bailey said.

“Yes, sometimes it can be really hard to balance everything but I have really great teachers and community members that make up an extremely supportive and flexible community so that help a ton,” Riley said.  

How do you feel about your mom being so involved?

“It can sometimes get hectic but I’m happy she is involved because it keeps her busy and happy,” Bailey said 

“I like it because she stays so active in our lives,” Riley said

Who inspired you the most to get so involved?

“My mom and dad,” Bailey said.

“My mom and dad because they both were very involved in high school,” Riley said. 

What is the easiest vs. the hardest thing you are involved in?

“Easiest would be the work at the studio because they work with my schedule the best. Hardest would be cross country,” Bailey said.

“Easiest would be the studio because my mom is the teacher, and the hardest would be all of the things I’m involved in combined,” Riley said. 

What is your favorite thing you’re involved in? 

“It changes a lot but right now I would have to say cross country,” Bailey said.

“It depends on the season and what sports I’m in but right now it’s cross country,” Riley said.