Humans of BHS: Jillian McLaren


Liz Underwood, BHS Journalism

“I’ve been passionate about singing and playing guitar for years. And to be honest I love the way the music sounds coming from different instruments and different people’s voices, it’s really inspiring to think about how every instrument no matter how constructed or similar they are, they all have a different sound. I have been singing for most of my entire life but I’ve been taking voice lessons for about six years and have a total of maybe around 100 songs that I’ve learned. I’ve been playing the guitar for maybe a year now and I learned a whole bunch of songs that I love to play and it just sounds amazing. I think the easiest song I do is mainly just one with extremely easy chord progressions and timings for chord changes. I prefer to play fingerstyle on my guitar or instrumentals instead of voicing because it gives the guitar a chance to actually be in the spotlight.”