Humans of BHS: Nora Prather


Liz Underwood, BHS Journalism

“I have five siblings and we’re very connected but we have our own identities so we all like each other so that’s good. We like hanging out with each other. A lot of the time we all drive in the same car which is kinda a lot. But we’re all able to do our own thing. Devin can drive in his car and do what he wants and we all have our own space and are able to be by ourselves sometimes. I love that as siblings we’re connected and we’re not just like separated from each other but we actually understand each other and we all love each other’s personalities and love each other obviously, but I just like that I can hang out with my siblings and connect with them and not just have them be there in the house with me. We even do a lot of things together, we have a lot of game nights, we all love board games, we have our own family card game called demon and it’s a lot of fun.”