Bulletin staff working together despite separate schedules


Madi Hargett, BHS Journalism

The Bulldog Bulletin is a monthly news magazine that features our school’s newest events, students and more. 

Although the Bulletin looks a lot different this year. The pages show students in masks due to Covid-19.

“It looks pretty normal to me right now, but I bet in a couple of years I’ll look back and be weirded out by people wearing masks,” editor-in-chief Ian McCoy said. 

Because of the lack of students going to school in-person, the Bulletin staff’s ability to communicate is limited. 

“I am one of the only people in my hour working on the Bulletin, so my communication with everyone is very limited,“ design editor Joslynn Higgins said. “It mostly relies on emails, which don’t always get received.”

The Bulletin always has fun student opinions such as favorite songs, movies, and the latest trends. 

“When the staff has an idea, we write the idea under the related topic. The editor then chooses which ones run,” sports editor Jaiden Michael said.

“We mainly branch out ideas on our own but sometimes we look through our tub of newspapers that we get from different schools around Douglas County,” McCoy added.