Summer plans during COVID-19


Victoria Daniel, BHS Journalism

Summer is right around the corner. Students and staff are looking forward to their summer vacations. Although it may feel like we have been out of school for a few months, the real vacation is coming up. Let’s see what the students and staff of BHS will be up to.

Senior Eli Shively plans to have a low key summer this year. Although his senior year did not end as planned, he looks forward to seeing friends and staying busy this summer.

“I plan on working more to save up for my last bit of college,” he said. “I’m hopefully going on a trip with some friends before I leave as well.”

Many students this year did not get to experience spring sports. Sophomore Cecilia Cottrell was looking forward to playing softball this year.

“My summer plans will hopefully be playing club softball with my team and shopping with my friends,” Cottrell said. 

It is said that in the near future pools and some sport practices may begin to re-open. junior, soon to be senior Olivia Kerr may have a chance to get back into the water this summer.

“Right now the pool is not opening until about June, so all I can do is work at the berry farm and work out on my own to try to stay in shape,” Kerr said. “Our workouts start June 1 at my coaches’ two lane pool. But we cannot start swimming until July.”

Junior Jaylnn Murry is very involved in cheer. This summer she plans to stay active and involved with cheer. 

“Hopefully I can start up on the cheer workout practices. I also hope to go to summer camp if it is allowed,” she said. 

Besides sports, staff members were planning for summer vacations, bue to the current circumstances some of those vacations will unfortunately not be happening. Foreign Language  teacher Karen Moreau was looking forward to going to Japan this summer.

“I was supposed to leave this Friday to meet my daughter in California and we planned to fly to Japan Saturday,” she said. “We’ve had to cancel our trip. Maybe next year. My granddaughter’s first birthday is the first of July. It is still too soon to know if I’ll be able to see her. It looks like summer will be spent trying to get ready for school this fall.” 

English teacher Sunny Allen was also expecting an eventful summer this year. Unfortunately, she will not be traveling many places. Like Moreau, she will be spending this summer planning for school in the fall.

“This was going to be one busy summer for me starting with a trip to California in May, followed by a visit to my mom two weeks later,” she said. “I was then going to be in Tampa Florida grading AP Psych papers in early June. At the end of June I was going on a road trip to Utah with some friends to show off the mountains and visit family. This was also the year we were going to spend our anniversary in Nashville.”