HUMANS OF BHS: Art teacher Becky Weaver


Grady McCune, BHS Journalism

“Teaching art virtually has been an adjustment. In the classroom, I do a lot of demonstrations on how to use different materials and perform techniques and I spend a lot of time walking around the classroom helping students individually. Now, I’m taking pictures of every step in a project’s process and posting them so students can work at their own pace through the weekly project.Supplies were a major concern for me. I teach everything from painting to ceramics to printmaking this semester and we have really excellent supplies available to us at school. The first question I asked students was, ‘What supplies do you have at home?’ I’ve tried to adapt projects to what students have available. In printmaking, instead of using a copper plate for intaglio prints, we’ve used aluminum foil covered cardboard for monoprints. In ceramics, instead of using earthenware clay that’s fired in a kiln, students are using polymer or salt dough clay they can bake in their own oven. I’ve been very impressed with what students have made at home. But I can’t wait to be back in the classroom seeing kids every day.”