Kerr family adjusting to quarantine life, online school


Victoria Daniel, BHS Journalism

Junior Olivia Kerr lives in a household where both parents are teachers. Her father Doug Kerr works as the BHS P.E. teacher. Her mom is a high school Special Education teacher. She works with students who have learning disabilities. Currently due to Covid-19, they are having to work from home. Olivia and her family’s lives have changed drastically.

My family’s initial reaction was shock and they didn’t think anything like this could ever happen,” Olivia said. “There is so much uncertainty during these times.” 

Staying at home away from work, school, friends, it is making quarantine especially hard. Staying on a routine for normalcy is recommended, but can be challenging. 

“The biggest challenge for my family is getting into a routine because we still have to do schoolwork and my parents still have to work,” Olivia said. “We communicate with everyone’s schedules so everyone is getting work and school done.”

We live in a very social society, especially as teenagers. Going to prom, school, sport practices, play rehearsals, sporting events, more are all a part of BHS students’ lives. Not being able to go to school events is challenging. 

“Something my family and I have been doing is watch a lot of movies together, play cards and go on walks,” she said. “Doing little activities to keep us busy has made the situation better.”

Olivia is a swimmer and keeps a busy schedule. Her family is usually on the go and rarely home at the same time. Being all home at the same time may be hectic and out of the norm for Olivia, but she’s found some advantages to having two teachers at home.

“Because my parents are school teachers I can ask them for help at any time, and I can spend more time with them than I normally do,” she said.