ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Stour feeling at home at Texas A&M


Zayne Nowak, BHS Journalism

Baldwin High School Alumni Olivia Stour graduated from BHS in the 2018-2019 school year. Olivia is furthering her education by attending Texas A&M in her goal to become an equestrian as her profession.

I wanted to be on the Equestrian team because I love to ride and show horses,” Oliva Stour said. “When I am riding and showing I am in my happy place.”

“Being on the team, I am surrounded with teammates who share the same love and passion for the sport as I do,” Stour said.

Olivia attends Texas A&M, a very large school with 65,000 students, but enjoys the school very much for a few reasons.

“I love Texas A&M because of its richness in diversity and tradition,” Stour said. “Even though the campus is huge, you feel like you are a part of a big family.” 

Texas A&M even has their own greeting which takes part in that big family and atmosphere the Olivia like so much about the college.

“My favorite part is the university’s known greeting, ‘howdy’,” Stour said.

Olivia was inspired by her mom to pursue her loved passion to be an equestrian as her mom grew up riding and showing, the same as she did growing up.

“My mom grew up riding and showing horses, so I think that is where I got my horse genes from,” Stour said. “I was born with a love for the animal and as I grew so did my curiosity.”

“I wanted to continue to learn and become a better horseman,” Stour said.