Johnson returns to teach at BJHS


Jack Baron, BHS Journalism

Baldwin High School has many alumni. All of which have gone their own ways. Few have returned to teach at their old schools. One of them is Baldwin Junior High School teacher Sarah Johnson. 

She has been teaching at BJHS for 6 years. She is enjoying it so far and is glad she is teaching there. She decided to start teaching there because it was the first teaching job she was offered and she jumped on the opportunity.

“Honestly, because it was the first teaching job I was offered,” she said. “I wanted to be somewhere in Eastern Kansas and applied to a number of places in the area. I interviewed at the IC and surrounding schools, as well. I’m happy I landed where I did though.”

She is currently teaching sixth grade english at BJHS. She is happy to be teaching at the school she used to go to. She is teaching with some of the same teachers that taught her.

“I am teaching with many teachers I had growing up. I actually really enjoy it,” Johnson said. “It is obviously a little odd at first, but I think it mostly helped me ease into the school better because you have a sense of ease and being comfortable with people you already know rather than having to completely start all over.”

She has so far enjoyed teaching at BJHS.

“I love it,” Johnson said. “It is home, always will be. Baldwin is a tight-knit community and you get can’t much better. The thing I like the most about BJHS is the students and staff. Nothing better than BJHS.”

Many students enjoyed having Johnson as a teacher, including sophomores Raelyn Vigna and Faith Stan.

“She always had different activities for us to do,” Vigna said.

“She was a very sweet teacher,” Stan said.