Markley still pursuing music passion at KU


Music has been a part of BHS alumnus Mckinley Markley’s life for many years. Graduating in 2018, Markley now is attending The University of Kansas as a music major, to even further pursue her passion.

“Music is so important because it’s a way for us to understand each other and feel something together no matter where we are from or what we have been through,” Markley said.

Being a music major requires a lot of hard work and responsibility. Music majors not only have to practice, but also have homework from other classes.

“Being a music major is much harder than people think,” Markley said. “Most days, I have six classes a day and that is not considering the amount of hours I have to practice my singing and my instruments as well as doing my homework.”

Markley was involved in the Fall Musical every year she attended BHS. At KU, her focus is more on vocal music.

“I’m a vocal emphasis, so I have to take vocal lessons and be a part of a KU choral ensemble each semester, but I have to learn how to play every band and orchestra instrument in order to graduate. I have taken a theater class and would love to get more involved in that side of KU,” Markley said.

Many people have inspired Markley to become the person she is today.

“Mr. Cooper and Mrs. Buffum have definitely inspired me as I became a musician and Ms. (Katie) Marten has inspired me on my way to becoming a teacher and coach,” Markley said. “And of course my mom and sister are two of the best teachers and people I know. I’ve been surrounded by amazing people my whole life and I’m very thankful for that.”

Marten feels like Markley has a lot of qualities which would make her a great teacher and coach.

“She connects with people and definitely would make a good environment,” she said.

Even though being a music major can be a struggle in college, the outcome can still be worth it.

“I’m very thankful that I love what I do, because I do it all every day,” Markley said.