Twins takeover at BHS

Twins takeover at BHS

Trysten Heck, BHS Journalism

There are around four different pairs of twins in Baldwin High School this year. Some of those names are the Anderson’s, the Green’s, and the Gordon’s

“It’s pretty cool to be a twin, and my favorite thing about having a twin is we are always there for each other,” Senior Noah Potter said.

Noah and Josh Potter are one pair of the five that attend BHS and are only :40 seconds apart from each other. 

Teachers tend to get twins mixed up sometimes and or are not able to tell them apart and think one is the other. 

“In 6th grade, Josh and I switched hair styles and also tried to switch classes for the fun of it, it didn’t work,” said Noah Potter.

Twins usually have the same personalities and sometimes even have the same interests which makes it even harder for teachers to tell twins apart.

Senior Josh Potter does not totally agree with that statement, “We’re not the same.” Josh Potter said “We both like different things and I’d say I’m a little more out going.” 

Another common statement that everybody hears about twins is they can sometimes feel each others pain and even sometimes can feel their twin’s emotion. 

Both brothers agree and can relate to this as they both have experienced a certain emotion or pain throughout ones day.

“I sometimes feel his emotion, like if he’s upset of having a rough day I can feel it” Noah said.

Josh has experienced the same but does not feel it as often as he did when he was younger.

“When I was younger I could sometimes feel it, like if Noah was worried or anxious I could kinda feel worried too.”