Alumni return to teach at BHS


Stephanie Lundry, BHS Journalism

Several alumni of Baldwin High School have decided to become teachers. Many have returned to teach at BHS. They have walked down the halls both as a student and now as a teacher.

“My family all have worked in education, so I followed their path. I enjoy it, it is an important and fun job,”Journalism teacher Kit Harris said.

“I really just wanted to be back in Douglas County because I think this area, including surrounding areas, really has a respect for art,” the art teacher at BHS Becky Weaver said. “So it is nice to be in an area that is very helpful and supportive.”

The students who have decided to come back and teach at the high school have to work alongside teachers that they have had as youth.

“At first, it was maybe a little strange becoming a colleague with teachers who taught me as a mouthy teenager,” Harris said. “But then it quickly became no big deal. I have enjoyed getting to know them as professionals and friends.”

The teachers also have their own challenges that pop up on a daily basis. Some not as big as others, and some are just internal struggle.

“My class schedule is a big challenge every day,” Weaver said. “I have like nine preps and that’s a lot to deal with. I have to teach more classes that the students have to take.”

The alumni of BHS have worked hard to get to this part of their lives. It was not easy. They each have their own reasons for coming back to BHS but they were each inspired or motivated by something or someone to get to this point.