Freshman Jack Boyle creates own kind of music

Henry Morgenstern, BHS Journalism

Music can be an amazing way to express yourself and convey your emotions. You can do this by listening to music, playing music, or in freshman Jack Boyle’s case, writing your own music.

“I started writing music the summer going into 8th grade.” Boyle said, “In studio 110 is when I learned how to use loops and I found it very entertaining. In 8th grade I won the best music award unanimously and was the only person to do that.”

Before Jack knew it, he was out producing some serious competitors.

“As I kept producing, I surpassed the very people who taught me how to make music.” Boyle said, “Then for a little I couldn’t find inspiration until I heard that I should have someone play something random and then try to fix it. This tip has inspired some of my best songs.”

As Jack kept playing, he began to learn a lot of valuable information for writing music.

“A lot of skill I have comes from trial and error.” Boyle said, “I tried to learn as much as I can from youtube videos, but they are not the most helpful tools you can find. I learned a lot about structuring songs and making a complete product.”

But not everything is as easy as it seems for Jack.

“The biggest issue I have to deal with is finding the courage to get my music out there and get feedback.” Boyle said. “Most of the feedback I’ve received is pretty meaningless. The only feedback you can get is from putting your music in front of other producers.”

With Jack at his current level of play, he has high priorities for his music.

“I really want to be on the DJ Mag list of top 100 DJs.” Boyle said, “The DJ Mag top 100 is a fan voted DJ competition that is essentially a popularity contest. I wish I could be on there more than anything.”