Passion projects come to a close

The Passion Projects that BHS Freshmen have been tirelessly working on is almost at an end. Passion Projects are projects freshmen are required to finish in English 9 and Pre-AP 9 on April 19. This quarter-long project is almost finished and many students are working harder than before to finish the project before the due date, whereas others are prepared to present.

“I’m kind of nervous,” Lucas Hafer said. “My project took longer than I expected. Basically, I feel me and some other students are nervous of the completion date.”

Passion Projects expect students to choose a talent or goal they want to achieve or improve on, and they document their progress weekly.

“I didn’t realize it would be due this soon.” Gabby McBride said. “I feel like I didn’t have enough time to work on it. We had one hour every Friday to work on it, and some Fridays we didn’t have school. Other days, I had to leave early due to sports.” Gabby McBride said.

The Passion Projects have a total of 12 weeks of updates, and every Friday, students have time to document their progress, mistakes, and triumphs of their new passion.

“I’m nervous. I’m worried that I didn’t do too good on it. I feel like I didn’t elaborate enough,” Maddox Shorb said.

The idea is of the Passion Projects is to learn something new, but some students simply chose stuff they were already good at.

“Mine’s not even close to being finished since I have to hand animate every frame,” Wyatt Bathke said.