Q & A With Rian Gere


With the end of the first semester coming to an end, the yearbook crew has to start getting stuff together for it to be ready before the next school year.

There are many different parts in the yearbook crew.

“I am an Editor-in-Chief,” Gere said. “This is my second year being an editor-in-chief and basically I make sure the book is what we want. This year there are 5 of us but the other 4 kinda have specialized areas they are looking over and i am watching. Making sure all the pages look the same, making sure people are actually getting pages done, pictures taken, gathering information they need for pages. This book takes a lot of planning and we’re still planning as we continue making the book it’s like a never ending cycle.”

Many people within the yearbook crew have different jobs to do.

“My favorite part about yearbook is that you feel like you know everyone even if you haven’t actually met them. I get to know to know so many kids names and what they do through all the different pages in the yearbook. Our goal is to get everybody in the book at least twice so we’re constantly taking pictures of people gathering quotes and personally contacting most of the so through the year you just kind of build profiles of people in your head which is super cool because most of us can’t say they truly know most of the people we go to school with,” Gere said.

Getting the yearbook ready can be very stressful putting together.

“Time management and making sure people do there jobs. We have to have this book finished by a certain date if we want it printed on time for us,” Gere said.  “Getting people to do their jobs is hard because if they don’t do it somebody’s got to because yeah we have individual assignments but as a group we have individual assignments that we must get done on time. We want the book to be good we don’t want it to be just thrown together so getting as much done as we can early helps us A LOT when we get later into the tear and deadlines approach. We have to finish this book during summer for spring teams that go to state and stuff like that so we don’t want to spend our whole summer doing all the pages we didn’t finish earlier in the year. We really just to be able to add quick little stats things in and send it off to submission.”

Since everyone wants the yearbook to be done when school starts the yearbook crew is put under a lot of pressure to get it done on time.

“This year being about at semester we’re honestly not as far as I’d hoped we would be. I know my other editors are working super hard trying to get things rolling. Personally, I have all of my pages done that can be. But as a whole I think we should have majority of things started and some finished. It’s going to take a lot of us coming together and grinding out some of the pages here pretty soon or shortly after break. Some of us may even have to pick up other assignments, but that’s part of the fun. It’s a lot to do but it’s also a lot of fun. So as long as we continue to do our work and keep everyone happy and no one stressed out we will have a great book!”