TEACHER of the MONTH: Strother loved teaching Science, enjoyed time at BHS


Melissa Strother gets Teacher of the Month. Strother is moving on to Santa Fe Trail.

Joel Halford, Video editor

Strother has been a science teacher at Baldwin and lots of students have learned to love her. She is moving to Santa Fe Trail and in her last month at Baldwin she has earned Teacher of the Month. She has been at Baldwin for a long time, but she is ready to move to another school and start a differert career.

What are your feelings about being teacher of the month?

I think that  its fun because I know there is a lot of great teachers at Baldwin. Its just nice to be recognized for doing what you think is that best thing to be doing.

How do you feel about leaving Baldwin?

I have mixed emotions about leaving Baldwin. I’m very excited  to be a school counselor, which I went to get my masters for, but I love the students at Baldwin and the staff.  I’m really sad to be leaving here, but I’m excited in doing what I want to in the next step of my career.

So you feel  good about switching from a teacher to a counselor?

Yeah, I am very excited about that opportunity nervous, but excited.

Are you going to miss dissecting cats?

No, cats freak me out.

What is your favorite moment from Baldwin?

Maybe working with link students and seeing students at there best. When you put them in a position where its sink or swim, you can always count on students here to do what you suspect, and even more,  thats what I always loved about

What will you miss most?

People, the students and staff its been my family since I moved up here.

What school are you moving to?

Santa Fe Trail, I’m going to be a counselor at the highschool.