BHS Alumni: Emily Taylor


BHS Alumnus Emily Taylor was recruited by Kansas State University for rowing. She graduated this year, 2022. 

“Rowing wasn’t necessarily something I chose. They recruited me my junior year for my track record at state. After that I visited and decided that I liked the idea of trying a new sport. Especially a new program that wanted me and thought I would excel in it.”

“The thing I like best about rowing is the amazing team and coaching staff I get to work with every day. They are beyond fun to be with and always push me to be my best.”

Emily also feels she should work on some improvements.

“Right now I just need to keep working my way up the line and keep getting better rankings every day.”

As a Freshman, Emily was put on varsity. For those who may not know, being on varsity your freshman year at a university is a pretty big deal.

“The feeling of being with the varsity girls is insane. I worked so hard to prepare for rowing and the hard work I’m still putting in is continuing to pay off. I couldn’t have done it if I didn’t have the amazing rowing coaches believe and put so much faith in me. To make the front of the boat and get to lead girls is an insane accomplishment and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”