GSA takes lead on Anti-Bullying Week


GSA members work on banners for Anti-Bullying week.

Ella Miley, BHS Journalism

One day out of Baldwin High School’s year, students stay after school painting banners and writing on sticky notes. The school stays adorned in these encouraging messages for a whole week.

“I had no idea who that was from, I just assumed that STUCO did it,” sophomore Jacob Hofman said.

Many students do not know that GSA decorates the school for Anti-Bullying week. The club works hard after school to complete the posters.

“Anti-Bullying week is one of the best times in GSA,” GSA member Zoe Thomas said. “There aren’t a lot of school events we host, so it makes the club more well-known.”

The entire state of Kansas celebrates Anti-Bullying week on the second week of October, and Baldwin will be participating. This year it falls on October 8-14.

“I’m excited,” club member Jazmine-Rose Rupert said. “I helped last year and made a whole bunch of posters.”

The club meets after school and prepares the crafts. Hundreds of sticky notes are made and hung up on every locker. Encouraging posters are also painted and strung up. Last year, the week was a success.

“It was pretty, fun kinda hectic,” Jazmine-Rose commented on last years festivities. “Last year we made a whole bunch of posters.”

GSA has two meetings coming up to prepare for the week, club sponsor Kathleen Sigvaldson would like to add.

“I have scheduled poster making times for after school on Tuesday, Oct. 2 and Wednesday, Oct. 3.” she said.